Footpath/Cycleway to safely Connect the Parish

The Proposal

South Hinksey is a very special place, partly because of its unique position. We are a rural village, but also very close to the city centre. One of best ways to access the city, be it for work, study or leisure, is by bike or on foot. It is the shortest, quickest, and healthiest way. So, our pedestrian and cycle access is vital.

In 2005, the South Hinksey Parish drew up a plan to improve life for parishioners in several ways. A key part was improving cycle and pedestrian access. Since that time, the need has only become more acute, as traffic has worsened, and challenges like climate change and air pollution are encouraging more of us away from our cars.

South Hinksey Parish consists of 2 wards – the Village and Hinksey Hill. The A34 cuts the parish in half leaving Hinksey Hill with only a precarious, polluted, busy and in our view unsafe cycle/pedestrian path across the interchange and similarly for the villagers who wish to access the bus stop on Hinksey Hill and the villages and parishes further afield.  All of these issues were debated by parishioners when drawing up the Parish Plan in 2005 and a new cycle /pedestrian way was supported.

For the first time since 2005 the opportunity to consider this project has arisen. So, it is the aspiration of South Hinksey Parish Council to connect our wards with a cycle/pedestrian way. The proposed route for this is from the bottom of Betty Lane to the Oxford Garden centre, as per the map SHPC cycleway footpath plan Jun 2023

South Hinksey Parish Council have progressed work on this project this year, connecting with local councils, funding agencies, and interested parties such as cycle groups. It is a big project for our parish to secure the funding and make the project happen.

Parishioners Comments

Parishioner Statements for the Public Inquiry

Letter of Support Kennington PC- South Hinksey PC – Community Cycleway

BNHPC letter of support for SHPC_Dec23

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