Burial Ground

The Parish Council Cemetery, located next to St Laurence Church and churchyard, is unconsecrated. The burial ground is available for the burial of parishioners of any or no religious denomination. At the moment the developed part of the cemetery is being expanded and until completion there are no burial plots available but there are plots available for cremation ashes.

To book a burial, please provide details of the deceased and sight of the grant of Exclusive Right of Burial.   Once the booking is confirmed, an invoice will be generated and the Interment Form can be completed and returned after payment.

A plan of the burial ground (including the names of those buried) Burial Ground Diagram amended 23.09.21

A current list of fees for grave plots and burials is given below.

Burial Ground Fees 2024-25
Rules and Regulations

Exclusive Right of Burial-form

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Accounts 2020-21
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Accounts 2017-18


The Parish Council commissioned the first professional inspection of the safety of the headstones in the burial ground in 2017 and the contractor’s report can be read here. Further inspections happened in 2019 and 2023.
Please note that the company Tony James Memorials Ltd is banned from working in the burial ground due to breaches of basic professional standards.

New plots

The Parish Council has commissioned The CDS Group to create a design for additional burial plots in the hitherto unused part of the burial ground. You can see an initial design that would provide another 165 burial plots here.


The tap in the burial ground is the one thing there that does not belong to the Parish Council. It belongs to St Laurence’s Church, but was put back on the wrong side of the churchyard wall when the wall was rebuilt in the 1980s.